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Little Bird (Song about Parenthood). New 2018, Acoustic Ballad, Americana / Country Rock Music

Song About Opposites Attracting 2018 New - 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Tail', Indie / Folk Pop Music

Song About Travelling: Where The Wind is Blowing. New Songs 2018, Indie / Pop / Soul Music

Albuquerque (Song about Albuquerque, USA) New Songs 2018, Americana / Country Rock Music

Northern Blues (Song About The Blues) New Songs, 2018. Alternative / Indie Music

The Ballad of Don Quixote (Song About​)​. New Songs 2018, Mellow Indie Folk / Baroque / Acoustic Music

We Are The Shadows (Song About Wikileaks) New Songs, 2018. Alternative Rock / Indie Music

Karma (Song About Karma Concept). New Songs 2018. Indie Folk / Latin Music

21st Century Blues (Song About Awakening). New Songs 2018, Mellow Indie / Alternative Rock Music

Lover's Isle (Song About St Dwynwen's Island, Anglesey). New Songs 2018. Indie Folk / Americana Music

Breaking Up The Union (Song About Brexit). New Songs 2018. Alternative Indie / Folk Rock Music

Song About Rich & Poor Economic Divide: Ice Cutters 'A Greek Tragedy (Spread The Wealth)'

Song About Ralph Steadman: Here's To You, Ralph Steadman, by Ice Cutters

Song about Oppression, Big Brother: 'I Got Sanctioned' by Ice Cutters

Song About Having Children, Leaving The Rat Race: 'The Homebody' by Ice Cutters

Song About Candy Crush Addiction: 'I Lost My Wife To Candy Crush' by Ice Cutters

Ice Cutters - Andy Kaufman Lives Album, 2017 (Alternative / Indie)

Ice Cutters - Victory - New Albums 2018 (Indie / Alternative)