Music Services

Here are some of the music services which we offer in the North Wales / North West UK area:

1. Music Video Editing Service

Send us videos of band rehearsals, gigs etc and we can edit them together and sequence them with titles.

2. Session Musician Hire

Guitarist / Bassist / Keyboard Player / Drummer available for hire.  Preferred music: Rock, Pop, Americana.

3. Demo Song / Album Recording Service

Recording of bands / singers using portable digital recording equipment (Zoom R16 Multitrack Recorder). 

4. Vinyl LP Record Album Transfer Service

Conversion of vinyl records to digital format (MP3, WAV etc).  Burn onto CD or USB stick.

5. Speaker Repair

Ripped or torn speaker cone repairs and patchups

6.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Musicians, Bands and Singers

We offer an SEO service to optimize your Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook & Wordpress sites.  This helps to increase your visibility and ranking, gaining more listens / visits.

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