21st Century Blues (Song About Awakening). New Songs 2018, Mellow Indie / Alternative Rock Music

'21st Century Blues' is a song about awakening, and seeing the world with a new perspective.  It is from the 2018 Album 'Victory' by Ice Cutters.  The song takes inspiration from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon.

The artists / bands who influenced the song include Pink Floyd, Scott Walker, Radiohead, Spiritualized. Buy 'Victory' by Ice Cutters (North Wales / North West UK / British Band) at the Junebug Records website, www.junebug.co.uk

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Mood of Music: Dark, Brooding, Reflective, Anthem, Epic, Uplifting, Melodic, Soulful, Mellow, Relaxed, Chilled, Heartfelt, Passionate.

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Lyrics to '21st Century Blues' by Ice Cutters (Song About Awakening):

Beauty is throwing seduction in our eyes
Pleasure lives for a single breath in time
Never is vanity harmless
The people are working in darkness

Is power the hidden desire of everyone?
Should freedom be served in a room of loaded guns?
Why is a rarity treasured?
Their paying the workers with pleasure

We'll get through the 21st century blues
We will lose the 21st century blues
Sometimes there is no peace in life
Everything moves too fast
Now you can think at last
Now you can truly stand
Life is no longer damned
Now you can truly stand
This is the perfect plan

We'll get through the 21st century blues
We will lose the 21st centry blues

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