Song About Travelling: Where The Wind is Blowing. New Songs 2018, Indie / Pop / Soul Music

Where The Wind Is Blowing is a Song about Travelling and was influenced by Jack Keroac's book 'On The Road' and the movement defined as The Beat Generation. The artists / bands who influenced the song include Isley Brothers, Burt Bacharach, 60's Motown.  Music Genre:  Indie Pop / Soul / Alternative Pop / Singer Songwriter.  This song is from the album 'Victory' by Ice Cutters, available to buy at the Junebug Records website,

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Lyrics to 'Where The Wind Is Blowing' (Song about Travelling)

Well you don’t care
About the fare
You hand your money over to the highway
On every road
That you will know
Is a story asking for a ride

Where the wind is blowing
That’s where you are going
Only for a moment
Never for a while
Searching for an eden
Found it in your freedom
When you say goodbye
You leave me with a smile

The distant light
Is burning bright
A silent voice is whispering your name
To who knows where
Without a care
A gypsy moth is drawn towards the flame

Repeat Chorus

In every view
A part of you
Is painted for the test of time
You come to stay
Then slip away
But the memory is embraced inside my mind

The rainbow ends
Around the bend
The wonders made for everyone to see
You’ve always known
That heart is home
A home is waiting everywhere you’ve been

Repeat Chorus

Where the wind is blowing
That’s where you are going

Genre of Music:  Indie, Pop, Soul, Retro, 60s, Singer-Songwriter

Mood of Music: Light-Hearted, Uplifting, Melodic, Soulful, Heartfelt, Passionate, Fun, Rhythmic.

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