New Album Releases

Here are the new album releases for 2017 / 2018 by the bands Junebug, Ice Cutters, Fuzzasaurus and The Red Comets. The bands are based in North Wales, UK and make music in the Alternative Rock / Indie Pop / Americana styles.  Their songs are melodic, catchy and eclectic.  The albums are hosted at Bandcamp, but you can stream each song using the widgets below.  The music is available in several formats, and you can download the albums in full by clicking the 'Buy' button.  The music is released by Junebug Records, which is a DIY Indie Record Label run by the bands themselves.

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Junebug - Party At The Weekend (EP, 2018)

Ice Cutters - Victory (Album, 2018)

Junebug - Pongo Vs Corporate Vampires (Album, 2016) 

Fuzzasaurus - Electric E-Rextion (Album, 2018) 

Ice Cutters - Andy Kaufman Lives (Album, 2017)

Junebug - Power Pop Music Collection (Album, 2017) 

Junebug - New Wave / Post Punk Music Collection (Album, 2017) 

The Red Comets - The Red Comets (Album, 2012) 

Junebug - Alternative Rock Music Colleciton (Album, 2017) 

Ice Cutters - Eponymous (Album, 2015) 

Junebug - Americana Music Collection (Album, 2017)