Karma (Song About Karma Concept). New Songs 2018. Indie Folk / Latin Music

'Karma is a song is about the Buddhist / Buddhism concept of Karma.  The artists / bands who influenced the song include: Al Stewart, The Doors, Jean Michel Jarre, Air.

The song has latin influences and uses a classical guitar, djembe, guiro and clave amongst other instruments. Buy 'Victory' by Ice Cutters (North Wales / North West UK / British Band) at the Junebug Records website, www.junebug.co.uk.

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Lyrics to 'Karma' by Ice Cutters: 

The flowering lotus
It's cause and effect
The seed that it carries
A destiny set
You may be indifferent
I think you should know
Through good intention we all grow
Karma (2)

Deeds will be measured
And written in stone
So do you feel happy
Or are you alone?
The flower is blooming
It rose from the dirt
Postive action heals the world
Karma (4)

Test Your intentions
For good or for greed
Know your direction
Question beliefs
Can we fix what's wrong with the world?

Karma (4)

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Guy Latham - All Instruments. Instruments: Classical Guitar. Squier Jaguar Bass. Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer, Djembe, Clave, Guiro, Tambourine, Zoom R16 Digital Recorder, Shure SM58 Microphone.